Lighting Goals

After we had our offer accepted on our new house, I started obsessively visualizing some of the spaces in the house and wondering what they would end up being. The workshop was the most interesting space to ponder. We’ve started doing a lot of projects to make that room versatile and really fun.

Last August, I purchased a golf simulator for the room, and, due to a supply chain issue with microchips, I am still waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, the boys and I have been using the room for a lot of different purposes, from an exercise room to a movie theater to a workshop for building projects, to a space filled with LEGO.

The boys and I wanted lighting in the workspace to match the flexibility we’d envisioned for the room, and that involved putting the lights on their own switch and adding a downlight. Last week, Kyle and I installed the downlight, and I thought the second switch for the main lighting would be too much work. However, I started thinking constantly about how I could make it work.

I hatched a scheme… and now the room is perfectly set for flexible lighting options.

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