Off to Portland

A few months ago, I was feeling pretty low. I was having a terrible time at work and was beginning to realize that things are work will not be getting better anytime soon.

The Omicron variant was brand new and very concerning, which meant that airfare prices were way down. A nonstop flight to Portland was $150, which is about $300 less than it often costs. I figured $150 was a small price to pay for something to look forward to. Even if the flight got cancelled, it would have been worth it just to finally have something nice on the horizon.

Well….. Here I am… On a plane with something very special only moments away. Because Omicron was such a question mark, I only booked tickets for myself. I wish I was flying with my whole family, but I am now looking forward to making even more memories with them this summer.

Here’s to a safe flight.

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