Hap-pie Birthday, Mandy!

Mandy hasn’t had a “normal” birthday in a number of years. I’m glad this year’s celebration could be free of some of the strangeness. The last two years have been birthdays deeply impacted by the pandemic. Before that, we’ve celebrated her birthday in Arizona for a few years.

Today, we got to enjoy a really nice celebration in our new home, complete with homemade blueberry pie and a trip to a really nice Finnish Bistro in St. Paul. The boys and I got Mandy some unique artwork for her studio room. After our lunch, Mandy and I stopped at a really cute shop next to the bistro and she found another piece of artwork made by a local artist that she really loved to add to that collection. Her studio will be beautiful once we have it set up. I’m looking forward to that project with her.

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