Axe Throwing, Food Trucks, and new games

After a really relaxing morning playing games, hanging out with Maya, and sticking close to home, Matt and I had a really full evening. I got to go axe throwing for the first time ever and I had a really good time. It was a fun location with a really chill guide to teach me how to throw and show us some fun games to play. I’d definitel axe throw again if I get the chane. I know there are some places closer to home that I’d check out this summer.

The axe throwing place is a part of a collection of food carts called BG’s Food Cartel that sell really unique, interesting, and fun food options. Matt and I ended up getting a bunch of stuff and sharing it at home. I got a vegan chicken sandwich, vegan poutine, tots, mozzerella sticks, toasted raviloi, and a really delicions strawberry cheesecake crepe. It was all delicious. I’d go back again in a heartbeat, because there was a ton more that I didn’t get to sample.

As a nightcap, Matt and I dug into a pre-release game that the creators sent Matt just for my trip. We played a playtesting version of a brand new game called Factions: Battlegrounds that will come out in a few months. The creators actually started planning the game in fourth grade and reconnected years later to make it happen. They also want it to be a more inclusive, diverse game — representing a variet of cultures and races without using stereotypes or tropes. They were successful in that aim. It took us a couple of games to figure it out, but we both saw the amazing potential. Two of the three games we played come down to the final turn.

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