Heading Home

After a beautiful, refreshing much-needed vacation, I am heading home with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude for my life in Minnesota. I had exactly the trip I needed after a really insane 365 days. When I made the trip out last year, life was about as different as it could be from the life I have now, and that is a good thing is many ways. However, with the agony that my job has become, I needed to get far away in order to reset and clear my mind. Seeing Matt and Maya was just the right thing for what I needed.

I am excitedly typing this from Seat 8A on an Alaska Airlines flight back to Minneapolis. Mandy will be there to pick me up and I can’t wait to see her again and wrap her up on a huge hug. I’ve missed her and I appreciate how she encouraged me to take this trip. It will be wonderful to be home again. I hope Matt can visit soon.

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