Sometimes bus drivers are bad. I wish that the bus driver I had today was simply just bad.

The group and I literally feared for our lives about three times as we traveled to the Minnesota High School Press Association convention at the University of Minnesota, especially as we backed down a one-way street going the wrong way or when we nearly ran over two pedestrians. Or when he threatened to wield “30,000 pounds of steel” in an aggressive manner on the freeway. It was also nice to hear that he hates driving in the metro, considering it was his job.

Since we survived the trip, I guess it’s just funny.

I had to use the GPS on the crap cam to help the bus driver find our destination, which is really taxing on the battery, so it was nearly out of batteries by the time my group arrived at the convention this morning. Instead of having the many photos I was planning to take of the event, I’m left cross posting with Emily, a former student of mine that I’ve known since she was four years old, who is herself the keeper of a very excellent 365 blog. It was great to see her at the convention, and my students enjoyed her company.

The convention was fun. I skipped a session to go out for breakfast with one Tyler, one of my favorite and most memorable students of all time, who also attends the U. It don’t regret that decision one bit.

Here’s my write-up of the event and a list of the awards we won.

I’m thrilled for The Hoofprint, which won Gold for both the website and the print publication. I’m disappointed in the way the yearbook was judged, and I know that the students are, too. It received All-State Silver, which was depressing news, considering it was the best book I’ve ever been a part of and a much more complete and thorough book than the one that beat us.

All in all, it was a great day. I’m a very lucky person to get be a part of this group. I really do love my job and all the ups and downs in brings. It’s a strange feeling to represent the newspaper, website, and yearbook – three publications all produced by different groups – at the same time. I’m normally used to keeping all of those roles separate so each publication can develop its own personality, but I’m glad when all those groups can get together and really have an excellent time.

On a note related to the picture, Emily is the major reason I’m keeping this blog. She initiated a 365 project with three of her close friends, and I got inspired by them. I’m glad she started the challenge, because this experience has been extremely rewarding. Emily is a great person, I’m proud I could be her teacher and adviser, and I’m even happier she’s my friend.

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  1. Oh dear. You never have good luck in bus drivers do you? I know that the recognition our work deserved wasn’t given to us, but I am really proud of the Hoofprint and Tatanka regardless. Its nice to know that I was apart of a major award winning publication and that my work is important. We all did incredible things last year and the result is priceless. I can see that. 🙂

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