The Oregon Zoo and a great arcade [gif]

Kyle and I accompanied Matt and Maya to the Oregon Zoo. I had forgotten what it can be like to take a toddler to the zoo, but quickly remembered that the experience often has very little to do with animals and more to do with a kid just exploring the world.

Maya led us on a chase around the zoo while she rode statues, checked out the other kids, and occasionally commented on the stinky bat exhibit or spotting an elephant.

At the end of the trip, I wanted to get her a gift. It was the quickest shopping experience ever. The automatic doors to the gift shop opened, and Maya immediately sprinted over to a stuffed animal macaw and then sprinted to the checkout. She has been watching a lot of Rio lately and was delighted to have her own “Rio” to take home.

We ended the day at Ground Control arcade. It was the most fun I’ve had at an arcade in a very long time.

Kyle and I got there fairly early on in the evening and definitely got our money’s worth. I also got the daily high score on Burger Time.

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