An active day in Portland

Today started out with an accidental 8.7-mile run. I went out intending on doing between a 5k and a 10k, but I found an interesting trail and went off the paved path. I ended up coming out of the forest and heading in the wrong direction. By the time I realized what happened, I was already nearing 6 miles, so I just went with it. You can see the error in the top corner of the map.

I snapped a picture of my trail run and sent it to Mandy as I was running it just because it was so neat to find an unexpected trail like that.

It’s blurry because I was running pretty fast.

The craziest thing about the run was that it involved over 70 flights of elevation climb overall and it still ended up being my fastest run over a 10k. I settled into a great pace at 8:45, which I felt like I could maintain for even longer.

Later that day, Matt and I took a long hike on a trail near Lake Oswego.

We brought his dog along for the hike. It was exactly the kind of forest trail I was hoping to find while I was in Oregon, and we go to have long, deep conversations. That’s just about ideal.

As if that wasn’t enough, we met up with Kyle for some Top Golf.

We ended the day with some Japanese food. Matt, Kyle, and Gabi played some board games, but I was too tired from the day and just listened and laughed along.

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