A free Saturday

I had my first free Saturday in a long time today. I spent it crossing a lot of chores off of my to-do list. One of them was packing up all of Matt’s Warhammer figures — painted, unpainted, and even yet-to-be-assembled. He had enough to fill a full suitcase to the brim.

Previously, Matt encouraged me to donate or sell all of the figures rather than spend the energy moving them with us to our new house. However, I’m glad I hung on to them. He’s since rediscovered a love for painting Minifigures and this suitcase represents hundreds of dollars of material for him. It will cost $30 to check this bag and fly it out to him in just over a week, and it will be so worth it to reunite him with his hobby.

Today’s photo was just something I took to send to Matt to show him that the suitcase was ready to go. Not a super great photo, but Koben and I also spent time repurposing the drawers Matt used to store the figures in order to clean and organize the workshop and get ready for some projects this weekend. It was cool to see him making use of the space, including hitting some golf balls and putting with me.

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