Back in the Attic!

Kyle came over and we knocked out some fun projects together. Honestly, hanging out with him and doing these kinds of projects is the happiest I’ve been lately. I love spending time with Kyle and I love solving unique problems.

We installed a few new outlets with some interesting drilling and fishing adventures. We also got a new lightswitch and a downlight in the workshop that will be perfect once we finally get the golf simulator and launch monitor. It makes a big difference to have the light on when the projector is on and it will be great lighting for movie nights out in the workshop. It also lets people watch the projector and do other things, which is great for me when I’m using the workshop for work.

Here’s the workshop lighting situation when the new spotlight is on.
Here’s the same space with the new light off. It’s better for watching movies, perhaps, but nothing else can happen in the room.

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